Energy Advisory Services for Commercial, Industrial, and Government Sites

Energy Procurement & Advisory Services

Let Pilot guide your energy procurement and management with our industry expertise and proprietary PowerUp software to deepen cost savings, mitigate risk, enhance operational efficiency, and navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable practices. 

Wholesale Market Access

For more than 20 years, Pilot has been helping energy managers at large commercial and industrial companies manage their energy costs, a critical component of their operating expenses. We do so by providing Direct Access customers tailored energy purchasing strategies to align tolerance with their energy needs.

Our expertise in deregulated markets and an active portfolio management approach offers reduced risk and increased flexibility in managing your energy portfolio.



How Customers Benefit
Transparent Utility and ISO Operations
Comprehensive Portfolio Management Support
Timely Market Insights
Insightful Energy Assessments
Proven Hedging Strategies

Advisory Services*

Pilot provides turnkey competitive energy procurement services to commercial, industrial and government entities.

Effective energy procurement is becoming more complex as new laws are issued and new energy sources come into play.

At Pilot, we help you demystify your energy procurement options and execute a disciplined procurement process so that you can manage your business.

How Customers Benefit
Relevant Energy Portfolio Mix
Proactive Planning & Budgeting
Negotiated Structure and Terms
Timely Market Insights
Ongoing Regulatory Compliance

*Services provided by Pilot Energy and Trebel Energy LLC

Green & Renewable Energy Sourcing

Enduring energy transformation requires that where and how you source energy undergoes as much consideration as the mix of energy that you’re sourcing. However, around here, consideration doesn’t equal complicated. Clients come to us for a rich depth of support in two primary areas: Wholesale Market Access and Advisory services.

Carbon Offsets

Encourage removal of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere to support decarbonization goals, and are a fast and simple way to make real progress toward your sustainability goals. One carbon offset is equivalent to removing one metric ton of carbon dioxide, or CO2 equivalent, from the atmosphere.

By purchasing carbon offsets, you contribute to projects that negate or diminish greenhouse gas emissions, therefore counteracting the emissions of your business. Projects may range from development of renewable energy generation and CO2 sequestration technologies to agricultural and reforestation initiatives. Offsets are often used for meeting voluntary commitments to lower GHG emissions where it is not feasible to lower an organization’s direct or indirect emissions.

How Customers Benefit
Verified Projects
Diverse Project Portfolio
Competitive Pricing

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Lower emissions we send into the atmosphere, and represent the environmental impact of one megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy generation. RECs guarantee that equivalent energy was produced using renewable sources and added to the electricity grid.

RECs help reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the generation of purchased electricity, which typically represent over 60% of an organization’s emissions footprint. RECs can be purchased on a standalone basis or bundled with electric supply.

RECs legally convey the attributes of renewable electricity generation, including the emissions profile of that generation, to their owner and serve as the basis for a renewable electricity consumption claim. As such, the REC owner has exclusive rights to characterize the quantity of their purchased electricity associated with the RECs as zero-emissions electricity.

How Customers Benefit
Tradeable Legal Instruments
Diverse Project Portfolio
Traceable Ownership Rights

Our California Energy Commission Power Content Label can be found here.

Green Power

Also helps lower emissions we send into the atmosphere, and is a subset of renewable energy representing those resources that provide the highest environmental benefit, such as solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, biomass (forms of plant and waste material) and low-impact hydro electric resources. Green power generally does not include some resources that are often considered as renewable energy including large hydropower and municipal solid waste.

Green power is also considered renewable electricity that goes above and beyond what is otherwise required by mandate or requirement – i.e.voluntary or surplus to regulation.

How Customers Benefit
Product Certification
Physical / Financial Purchase Agreements
Ownership vs Lease Arrangements
Self-Generation Considerations
Reputable Partnerships

Distributed Generation

Modular solutions, delivered via turnkey partnerships, that enable businesses and organizations to lower risks associated with unplanned power outages and disruptions by implementing stand-alone microgrid or on-site power solutions using technology that generates highly-efficient, clean energy, is fuel-flexible, and future-proof to help navigate the energy transition to decarbonization.


How Customers Benefit

Specialty Services for Market Participants and Community Choice Aggregators

Not only are you driving choice, you’re also facilitating community needs and participation. As a market participant, no matter how complex it is to serve retail customers, we know the energy market and have the know-how to make it work for you and your customers.

Pilot powers load serving entities including energy retailers and community choice aggregations, and energy brokers to scale their business with operational platforms and back-office services.

Enabling Technology*

Software Solutions

Pilot offers retail market participants modular platforms that are deeply rooted in providing effective outcomes in today’s competitive energy marketplace.

Retail Billing:

Developed to manage and bill complex product offerings for large commercial and industrial customers, PowerUpTM Retail offers a configurable enrollment to cash platform for load serving entities, with interoperability for upstream and downstream integrations.

Broker Operations: 

Used by energy brokers, PowerUpTM offers a scalable operational platform to manage their business and customer relationships.

How Customers Benefit
Faster Customer Acquisition
Reliable Meter Data Management
Transparent ISO Settlements
Timely Scheduling Coordination
Customized Complex Bill Platform
Scalable Data Management

Turnkey Back Office Support

Pilot’s knowledgeable, experienced, and hands-on team manages your entire back-office, saving you time, money and freeing you up to prospect and acquire new business.

We know the intricacies of the process, from analyzing load and meter data to enrollment, invoicing and collection. We know what to look for and where to look. We anticipate and mitigate issues before they arise. We’re always accurate, and always available for you and your customers.

The deregulated market is in a continuous state of change, and new opportunities present themselves every day. We help you capitalize on opportunity and optimize your business – and your bottom line.

How Customers Benefit
Responsive Sales Support
Comprehensive Customer Operations
Dependable Regulatory Compliance
Effective Utility Relationships
Insightful Data Mining
Prompt Issue Resolution

*Services provided by Pilot Energy and its affiliate EDMS