Invested in Client Horizons,
Piloted by the Best

Insightful, timely decision making in deregulated energy
environments is where we shine. And client horizons are our target.

For over two decades, the Pilot Energy purpose has driven us to connect every meaningful concierge service with every business advantage, and sharing that with our clients and partners.

This is a field that relies on expertise as much as technology and data insight. Pilot Energy exists because of its people, our Pilots. Each Pilot is an aligned expert, bringing decades of experience in wholesale market and advisory services. The outcomes carry exponential benefits that come from their informed, timely, and decisive contributions.

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OUR Culture


A Place to Fly High &
Return Energized


Gains are won by those who
navigate well. Join Us!

Energy innovation isn’t just engineering and technology. At Pilot, we thrive in solving tomorrow’s problems, today. Our team brings robust industry knowledge to the table, and each person’s unique background and perspective truly shapes how we navigate and serve our clients.

Our fully-distributed team finds meaningful challenge, an entrepreneurial spirit and daily growth as part of the reasons they choose this team.

If you’re energized by expansive horizons of change, bringing your full self to work, and contributing to the transformation of an industry, Pilot Energy may be for you. Learn more about our open roles: